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Green Graphics

Why are we called ‘Greengraphics’?

We like to think we’re eco designers, conscious of our impact on the environment. Our studio in Castlemaine has always been run with an environmental ethic. We also encourage our clients and commercial printers to use sustainable papers and inks when printing material. One of our team is even studying a Masters in Sustainable Graphic Design – a first of its kind in Australia.

If you want to use no paper at all, we can set you up with a cool eNewsletter, organise online advertising or print you a wholly-electronic eBook … but we also love printed books and other printed matter too! We’re not opting for a paperless world… we definitely think there is a place for paper in the world, if well managed. We tend towards 100% recycled paper, but we have a range of quality eco stocks to select.

We like to talk you through the printing and design options. You may be surprised to find that your material fits on a smaller flyer, or can be printed front and back with other material you want to promote. Websites are a great way to save printing lots of information. You may like to print a small postcard or bookmark, which refers people to your website for more details.

We are always on the lookout for eco printing options. We have great relationships with a number of Australian printers who are environmentally-minded. We try to use local printers wherever possible. Luckily, central Victoria is a fertile region for good printers!

Call us on (03) 5472 5300 or use our contact page to find out more.