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WordPress Content Management

Using WordPressThese days most of our sites are driven by WordPress. Most people have heard of WordPress by now, but what exactly is it?

It’s a nice web system built in PHP that allows you to manage your own content on your website (or blog).

It now powers at least a quarter of the world’s websites. And not just the little sites. Many of the big ones too.

The first thing to know is that there’s two main versions of WordPress:

  • WordPress as a blogging tool. (
  • WordPress as software (what we do here at Greengraphics).

If you like to do these things yourself, you can setup WordPress as a blog. Note there are various limitations using it that way. Firstly you’ll need to wrangle everything yourself (good and bad); secondly you can’t use plugins or create your own themes; thirdly you’re often locked into themes that show who made them and say things like ‘get your own free site here | theme by ace designer’ on your footer; and lastly, they may show ads on your sites unless you pay for the privilege to remove this.

Just remember, everything is free now… but with anything free there’s often a catch!

tune up your website

The WordPress we use is WordPress-as-software. That means we install it on our high quality Australian-based servers and we can tailor it completely to suit you. The end result is a beautiful, robust platform with all the bells and whistles behind the scenes, but with a simple, elegant interface for you to manage your own content without needing to worry about code and updates and plugins and all that stuff.

Now, if we’ve already got you up and running, here’s a nice online lesson for getting started…