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Search engines and search optimisation (SEO)

A lot of people feel lost when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO for short). This is a pity, because search engines are designed to find things for us, not lose us. However there’s so much misinformation, secret dark arts and SEO ‘experts’ out there, that it’s easy to get confused.

So how can you make your website optimised for search engines? Our sites are always built with SEO in mind, and are geared towards getting you the best results. If you’d like to see some general hints, read on or click here. If you need an immediate boost, we have two main packages that will help you:

The one-off SEO pack

$ 550+gst

  • Work with you on your site content and chosen key phrases.
  • Configure SEO-addons for the best structure and tools to help.
  • Extra analytics and reporting systems to help you see how you’re going.

The monthly SEO pack

$ 50+gst

per month
  • Ongoing help with reporting, monitoring and tweaking your setup.
  • Incoming and outgoing links and general advice.

If you want the best results, we highly recommend a one-off SEO pack followed by the monthly SEO pack.

Here’s some general tips for SEO setup, and how to make this work for your site:

  • Use someone who knows what they’re doing to set up a nice, clear, robust site for you, and use lots of good, relevant content.
  • Use the words and phrases on your site that you think people will type into search engines.
  • Don’t worry about adding secret hidden keywords to your site. At best, it won’t really do anything; at worst, you’ll be penalised by the clever search engines.
  • Use lots of links on your site! Don’t be a dead-end website. Add plenty of links to other sites, and make sure they’re relevant, quality websites. But don’t just have a big list of links, that’s totally boring and the search engines won’t be happy with you.
  • Get lots of other websites link to your site. Make sure they’re quality sites (look for their pagerank as one indicator).
  • Update your sites as often as possible. This will make a big difference.
  • Try to build up your content rather than replacing it. Have a news page and keep your archives, develop an eNews system and keep back issues posted on your site.

Remember: search engines are designed to work for humans! Don’t just write for search engine bots. Of course let’s make it easy for the bots, and follow their protocols, but let’s make sure we design, write and construct your site primarily for HUMANS. A site that is appealing for humans will be appealing for search engine bots too – that’s what they’re designed for!

If you want a one-time boost or an initial kick-off, a Google Adwords campaign can be highly useful. Talk to us about this.

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