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Sending mail: outgoing SMTP email service

Greengraphics is in the business of web hosting, not in email delivery. We provide incoming mail for all of our hosted sites, but we don’t provide any outgoing mail services by default*.

We recommend that you use your own ISP for sending mail. What is an ISP? That’s your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP provides data transfer between your computers/device and the Internet. The easy way to send email data is simply to run it through your own ISP.

If you aren’t sure of your ISP, click here to find out!

If you need to find your ISP’s outgoing smtp address, here’s a great list of the common Australian ISP smtp addresses.

If you get stuck, just let us know your ISP and what’s going wrong and we can talk you through it.

* We can provide premium outgoing (SMTP) mail services if sought. This is normally a small yearly add-on to your hosting.