Go to www.mailchimp.com

Login with your email and password combination!

Now you’ll be at your ‘Dashboard’, where you can see your latest subscribes/unsubscribes and information about your recent ‘campaigns’.

Campaign = just a fancy name for each time you send an email to your list (or one of your lists).
List = you may have one or more list.
Master List = send to everyone.

To send a new ‘Campaign’ DON’T CLICK ON CREATE CAMPAIGN..!! Click ‘Campaigns’ from the main menu instead.

Find a previous campaign that will serve as a good template for your new message.

Click ‘replicate’ underneath the campaign name.

Follow the FIVE STEPS to send your campaign.

Step 1

Recipients (select who you want to send the campaign to – might always be the same group).

Step 2

Name your campaign and set the ‘message subject’.

Step 3

Edit HTML email – remember to edit/create appropriate links.

Step 4

IMPORTANT. Always tick ‘Copy text from HTML’

Step 5

Campaign summary. Check through details and always send a test message to yourself! (Click ‘send test’.)

Once you’re satisfied that all looks good, click ‘send now’ or ‘schedule delivery’ for a later time/date. Images = make sure any images you add are sized for the web. If unsure, please ask us.

Links = make sure any links are done properly and please TEST them!

A mailchimp expert.