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Logo & Branding Development

So you need a logo… Logo design may sound straightforward and the end result may seem like a simple piece of artwork, but it’s a project that will make a huge impact on your organisation. Here’s a brief document that might help get you thinking about it.

New or Revamp?

Do you have an existing logo? Even if you don’t have a formal logo you might have a colour, general style or even a particular/favourite typeface? If you do have a logo, was it professionally designed? Is it scalable (sizable) and can you access high quality versions for signage etc? Do you want a complete new look or do you want to build on your existing look? Sometimes it’s good to build on what you already have, particularly if you have a conservative customer base. Even if you think your new logo is sooo cool, will your customers appreciate the change? But sometimes it’s good to start afresh, and not be bound by what’s come before. Do you really want to stick with that Papyrus typeface your son-in-law made for you while at design school?

Customers / Targets

Who are your customers (or potential customers)? Do you know what they think of you, or what they are looking for?

Logo vs Identity

Your logo can’t do everything. Don’t try to do too much with it or you risk diluting its visual strength. Perhaps a tagline would help? What else will help build your identity apart from your logo?

General advice

  • Brainstorm: write a list of keywords for what you want your logo to invoke.
  • Your logo will look different as a stand-alone element compared to in-situ. Would you like us to show you what the logo looks like on a business card or on a street sign?
  • Don’t get caught just following the latest fashion. Fashions come and go quickly. We try to design logos that are based on lasting design sensibilities.
  • Take time to consider concepts. Don’t rush into a decision once we’ve sent you concepts. Remember this is your primary visual imagery which will influence the look of everything else.
  • The simplest logos are usually the best.
  • Trust your designer. When you send your car to the mechanics, you don’t watch over their shoulder and make constant suggestions. Have some faith in the professional you are employing.

Keen to get started?

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More logo ideas…

Often the best logos are the simple ones. Think Apple, Google, Amazon etc. Some people say the best logos can be drawn with your finger in the sand.

There’s a few main ‘types’ of logos. Often they are broken down into these types:

  1. Wordmark (using your name as the logo)
  2. Lettermark (playing with the letters)
  3. Brandmark (a symbol or simple illustration/icon as your logo)
  4. Iconic logo (brandmark with word mark). This is what most people think of when they imagine their logo.

You don’t need to get caught up in this. You can just say ‘I want a good logo’ and we’ll handle it for you. But it can be handy to know the different types.

Here’s a stack of logos to have a whizz through if any of the ideas take your fancy we may be able to build on any of these ideas and styles.

If you want to head down the path of an illustrations, here’s some ideas and styles to get you thinking about ‘types’ of illustrations. They can be simple or very detailed.

Illustrations will normally add to the cost.

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