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Print matters – your responsibilities

Please be aware:

* Proofs are not 100% colour accurate.

There is huge variation between computer monitors and printers, so what you see in terms of colour may not be exactly what you get as the printed result. If colour accuracy is critical, please discuss this with us. However, we will never guarantee 100% colour matching to any proof.

* It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the wording of your proof.

Even if you have provided the text electronically, it is still your responsibility to check that the wording, spelling, grammar is correct. In rare cases we can mistype or cut and paste text incorrectly, or text can ‘drop off’ from a paragraph, page etc. In all cases, YOU need to check the final result and sign off on this before printing. Greengraphics does not take any responsibility for textual errors, and any reprints sought due to textual errors will need to be made at YOUR expense.

* Any corrections to artwork may incur extra charges.