How to setup your emails (if they’re hosted with us) using Outlook or Outlook Express:

Setup using Outlook or Outlook Express**
Note your Mail Server Information (we will have sent this to you):
Incoming Mail Server, Mail Server Username (your FULL email address) and Password.

(Note: some of these options may differ slightly depending on what version of Outlook you have).

Step 1. Start Outlook or Outlook Express.

Step 2. Select Accounts from the Tools menu. Click on the Mail tab.

Step 3. Click Add on the right side of the box and choose Mail. The Internet Connection Wizard will appear.

(If you are given the option to choose between POP and IMAP, choose POP).

Step 4. Type the display name for the account (the name that appears in the From line of e-mail sent from that account). You can choose what you would like to display here, but it’s best to put your actual email address. Click Next.

Step 5. Enter the name of the account and click Next.

Step 6. Type the mail server information as listed above**. Be sure to type the information exactly as it appears. Click Next after entering each detail, and tick the Remember Password box if you don’t want Outlook to prompt you for the password each time it checks the mail.

Step 7. For outgoing mail, please use your ISP settings. This should be or or whoever you use as your Internet Service Provider (you can check your existing mail account details if you’re unsure).

Step 8. Click Finish.

Step 8. Edit account properties by clicking on the name and choosing Properties from the list on the right. Under ‘advanced settings’ you can ask to keep messages on the server for a period of time. If you use webmail, it may be a good idea to choose one or two weeks for this option.

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