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Editing your WordPress menu

Ok, sometimes we make Menus that are handled automatically. That is, each time you add a new page it’s automatically added to the main menu. When you delete the page, it disappears from the menu. This works pretty well, but sometimes it’s good to have some more control. Here’s how to edit your menu if we’ve given you a manual menu (or menus, since sometimes we have set you up with more than one!).

1. Go to Appearance/ Menus from your Dashboard.

If you have more than one menu, make sure you are editing the right one.

If you’d like to add a page to the menu…

2. Choose one of the pages on the left and hit ‘Add to Menu’.

3. Drag and drop the page to the right spot on your menu.

4. Important – click Save Menu!

Nice one! You’ve edited your menu! Now view your site to make sure it’s looking good.

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